Questions & Answers

What is wrong in eating onion?

Onion is beneficial to the body but not beneficial for the mind.

What’s wrong in eating garlic?

Garlic is a good antiseptic but unfortunately it cannot be digested. Its smell pervades all cells of the body creating a non conducive environment for meditation.

What’s wrong in eating meat?

Recent research have proven that meat can create cancer and the study has been endorsed and published by major international organizations. Today the vegetarian choice seems to be the most viable for an healthy society.

What’s wrong in over-indulgence?

Indulgence is not a good mental attitude and over-indulgence is actually its physical counterpart. Why to enjoy beyond the body tolerance?

Why are the people (most in general) are greedy?

Because they seek unlimited physical satisfaction which is not possible in the material world.

Why do folks lie if truth is so natural ?

Moral conduct is a natural way of living for human beings. But not all human beings believe that they can fulfill their desires with such a conduct. So they deceive themselves and lie to others.

What is real success?

Real success is the attainment of GOD. There is no other real success in life and we are all striving for that same very goal.

Why is so tough to follow dharma – in terms of food / culture / dress?

Dharma of human being is not related to food, culture or dress. Dharma of human being is to expand the mind, to flow with consciousness, to do service and to merge with the Supreme.

If taking debt is bad – how do we survive in USA?

Taking debt is not favorable for mental peace. That is why in USA so many people suffer from mental problems. Capitalism is inhuman and the cost for such a bent of mind is very high in human happiness and prosperity.

Is there any life after death? How do you know?

We don’t know for sure. But to think in a positive form make people stronger and healthier.

Why me?

Why not you? Me and you are synonymous in spiritual terms. It means that duality divide and singularity leads to bliss and fulfillment.

Have you seen / realized god? If so – why are you still here? If now – why are you preaching?

Which God? The God of the preachers? God should be realized inside. There is no other God worth of living. But it takes efforts to realize God and doubt is sometimes present as a test even for the most spiritual souls.

If meditation brings so much benefits – why don’t I see that?

Meditation brings many benefits and it is important to remember it when the busy life bring us to make of meditation something mechanical. In that circumstances meditation will not not work and it will need some “refreshment” like a good seminar or retreat.

Do you do yoga everyday / quite regularly? If so – why are you so sick?

Yoga is more than just physical exercise. But definitely physical exercise is needed to maintain good health. Both yoga and sports are always beneficial for maintaining a good health.

What’s subjective approach / objective adjustment?

It is the way in Ananda Marga we exemplify the philosophy of life. While taking a spiritual ideation (subjective) we live the mundane life (objective) following the turns and twists, ups and downs that are common for everybody.

If money is so bad, why do we work?

Money is not bad. But a grossly unequal distribution of it is a social disease. Money is required for living in a dignified manner and work should be redistributed and guaranteed to all.

Why our material / physical pathway is so different than spiritual journey?

These separation is actually not beneficial. Best outlook is to consider as spiritual any action weather in the material or mental sphere as a spiritual action fostering the relationship with others and their prosperity.

If everything is god’s wish and it’s all His wish – why do I have to do anything?

Inaction is not the path for the development and expression of the full human potentialities. We do have to work and be happy at the same time.

If everything is His wish – why I’m bound by laws of karma?

The so called law of karma tells that every action has an equal and contrary reaction. This is how the balance in nature is maintained. His wish cannot go against the universal law of karma. But some Grace can change the time for the reaction to be express and the outcome of it.

Why do we find negative in others?

The world of duality is the world of positive and negative. We can find in others what we consider positive or negative according to our personal standards. In the world of spirituality the positive and the negative tend to unify.

Why is so easy to gossip / back-bite?

Because it is free and it brings a short term satisfaction to our ego. But socially these habits undermine relationships and create disunity.

Why am I always fearful?

Fear is an instinct connected with self-preservation. Everybody has fear in different degrees. Overcoming completely fear is not possible. At the same time we should keep fear under control by fighting any obstacle and any circumstance which hamper our physical, mental or spiritual development. In society we should fight against any dogma and injustice. Be brave!

If peace is more important than pleasure – why are we chasing dreams towards sensual pleasure?

There is a pseudo culture that projects sensual pleasure as an important achievement. Better to divert the mind towards other types of pleasures that bring more lasting peace and happiness.